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Real Stories From Real People

1.) Tom, a 59-year old male, participated in the 10-week Clean Eating program where he lost 18 pounds while still enjoying the things that he loves; but in moderation!! Prior to starting this program, the only other weight loss method he had tried was the Atkins diet. "I mean…it worked for me. It accomplished what I wanted it to accomplish." But the weight started to creep back up as he began reintroducing carbohydrates into his diet!


While on the Clean Eating program here at Slimmer Solutions, he learned how to eat properly. We encouraged the intake of nutritious, clean foods for the majority of the diet while still understanding that there will be times where you need to splurge and give yourself a treat. It's learning that balance along with portion control and incorporating exercise that will get you results.


He described his experience here as "fun. The program kept me accountable!" With the weight loss, he said now he's encouraged to keep it off. The biggest piece of advice he said he would offer is “Give it a try cuz it works!!” He's 18 pounds down and still wants to lose a few more. With the tools provided during the program, he can take those and apply them on his own. When asked if he would recommend Slimmer Solutions to any of his family or friends that expressed interest in weight loss, he replied "Absolutely!!"  ~T.G.


2.) One of our female patients, aged 50, describes, prior to coming to Slimmer Solutions, that "I was struggling with my energy and weight loss. I had tried several popular diets and could never seem to lose more than a pound or two. My lack of energy made it impossible to exercise. I was feeling very frustrated and a bit hopeless". She participated in our 10-week hCG + Clean Eating Combo program and was able to lose 17 pounds.

Since starting the program, she has been able to wake up earlier, exercise 3-4 times per week, and feel better than she has in years! "I wouldn’t change a thing about this wonderful program. It has completely changed the way I eat, how I feel and has improved my lifestyle immensely". Now that her program is complete, she states that she has completely changed the way she eats and perceives food. She increased her protein and vegetable intake and has eliminated a great deal of sugar in her diet that she would get from desserts and drinks. "Slimmer Solutions gave me the boost I needed to overcome my sugar and bread cravings and maintain a healthy sense of discipline from foods that do not benefit my weight goal and overall health".

Her words of advice to anyone looking to participate in a program like this are to "give yourself and your body a chance. Jump right in with excitement, follow the instructions to the letter, and just stay focused on your goal and get ready to feel and look your absolute best. It will be so worth it!" When asked if she would recommend Slimmer Solutions to any of her friends, she stated that she would because it gave her the "exact results" she was looking for. "I had the best experience starting with the ladies that worked at the center. They were very friendly, welcoming and extremely supportive through my entire 10 week journey". ~D.L.

-  Anonymous, 2017

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